Behavioural disorders are the most common reason for referral of children to professional mental health services and in long-term they represent an increased financial burden on the individual and society. They can be prevented with programs aimed at parents of young children at a time when the family can still positively influence the child’s behavior.

The purpose of the project is to introduce effective, evidence-based preventive program, which improves the sound growth of each child and wellbeing of the entire family. In many countries, including Norway, the implementation of this programs is already included in the national strategy and that will be one of our long-term objectives.


Project title: Parenting training for the prevention of behavioural problems in children – mental health for every child
Project acronym: NEVERJETNA LETA – VSAKEMU OTROKU (Incredible years – for every child)
Program: Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
Area of the call in Set A: Public Health Initiatives
Sub-area “Public Health Initiatives”: Improved mental health services
Duration: March 2015 – April 2016
Overall value of the project: 577.606,38 EUR
Total eligible costs of the project: 548.726,06 EUR


To introduce a new program for the prevention of behavioral problems in children, which will be regionally accessible to children in Slovenia;

To train a team of twenty experts to implement the program in ten centers throughout the country with the help of the Norwegian partners;

To include at least 300 parents into the pilot program;

Analyze the experience from abroad (Norway, United Kingdom) and transfer examples of good practice in the field of mental health care for children and adolescents;

Presentation of recommendations regarding the implementation of parenting training and other prevention programs and early intervention programs in Slovenia.


WORKING SET 1: Management and coordination

We managed to ensure effective coordination of all activities of the project so that the project results were mainly achieved in accordance with the objectives and schedule. In the context of the Administrative and financial management of the project applicant and partners have successfully cooperated with external contractors in managing budgets and preparing regular reports.


WORKING SET 2: Information and publicity

Project webpage was edited and published, we added news and established a Facebook page. We have designed and printed the estimated number of leaflets and posters and a monthly appearing in local and national media. We also monitored the visibility of the project in the media and recorded a number of the sponsors. In addition, the program was presented at various working meetings of mental health professionals.


WORKING SET 3: Organising Incredible Years trainings for parents

In the context of the WS3, we purchased materials and equipment needed for trainings units and we translated and prepared materials for parents and training leaders. We organized three-day workshop for 20 group leaders.

In April 2015 we started Incredible Years trainings with first groups of parents in all ten planned units across Slovenia. So far we successfully completed 19 groups with more than 200 parents participating.

To ensure the quality, we organize regular peer supervision meetings and supervision meetings with Norwegian supervisor.


WORKING SET 4: The introduction of a new model – a program of preventive and therapeutic measures to prevent challenging behavior of children

In October 2015, representative from Pediatric Clinic Ljubljana participated in the practical five-week presentation of the whole series of programs Incredible Years and organization of their services in the field of mental health of children and adolescents. At the end of October, we organized a study visit to Norway. Study visit was attended by senior representatives of the partners as well as representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. We learned about Norwegian model of regional and national levels of Incredible Years implementation. Study visit marked a significant exchange of experience between experts and the opportunity for further professional cooperation, but also a step towards support of the Ministry in the implementation of programs in Slovenia. In September 2015 we hosted Norwegian Ambassador, which gave us opportunity to comprehensively present our project, including the implementation of the programs.


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